Claudia Truesdell · Co-Founder

Claudia co-founded Sparkfactor Design in June of 2001. She created a lean company that adapted and thrived in those uncertain economic times. Sparkfactor has flourished by focusing on the needs of its clients across a range of Product Design services. Growing enough to now be one of the the largest 100 woman owned companies in the san francisco bay area.

Previously, Claudia was an interaction designer with GVO Inc. a Product Design consulting firm in Palo Alto with a rich 40 year history. At GVO she worked with a team of programmers and anthropologists to create new forms of human-to-machine and human-through-machine communication. While at GVO Claudia designed the interface for the Adaptec 2.0 USB Hub, which won a bronze IDSA award in 2003. When it went out of business in 2001 Claudia took it as a sign to go start her own consulting firm and started Sparkfactor Design.

Claudia holds a BS from Mills College and a Masters Degree in Product Design from the Mechanical Engineering Department from Stanford University’s Joint Program in Product Design. During her years at Stanford Claudia was an instructor at the Product Realization Lab, which is a hands-on prototyping and manufacturing teaching facility open to all students. She also had a deep focus on smart product design working in the Stanford Smart Product Design Lab (SPDL) on various projects.

Xtracycle, Child Carrier, early prototype shown

Graduate Work, Emote Draw

GVO & Ericsson, BuddySync

GVO & Adaptec, USB Hub Interface case study