Case Study: Tesla Roadster (electric car)

Mehanical engineering

2005, 2006

Sparkfactor Design supported the team at Tesla to create a breakthrough electric car. Our CEO, Mr. Farag, worked on electric vehicles beginning as an MIT undergraduate, when he was a member of a team that built several solar electric cars from the ground up and raced them in the USA and Europe. Then he went to work on the GM EV1, the world’s first production electric car, where he helped design the regenerative braking system.

So when Stanford collegue JB Straubel had a crazy idea to build production EV just down the road, he just had to help out.

Sparkfactor worked on the Navigation screen module integrating display, housing, PCB, speaker and the brake control modules. It was a joy to be part of the Tesla team.

Mr. Farag, Joel Osias

Tesla Motors website