Case Study: Peregrine Gaming Input Glove

Sparkfactor Design worked as the product design consulting team for Iron Will Technologies. We started working with Brent Baier, President of Iron Will Technologies, when the company was just him and a very big idea. Together we developed this disruptive gaming glove technology, the Peregrine. This input glove links hand control to your digital world and allows you to get off of your keyboard.

We helped design and create early prototypes that helped to refine the target market and helped him to secure investment funding. Computer input devices hold a special place in our product design hearts as we have worked on several past input device successes, Including the Apple Wireless mouse and Pro mice which have sold over 50 million units.

We helped refine the design through protoype builds and we production released tooling for the product and engaging a contract manufacturing firm for production. Sparkfactor also sourced and managed glove contract manufacturers for this unique electronic glove.

Mr. Farag, Mike Lohse, Carson Lau, PRECISION TECHNICAL SEWING, LLC

Peregrine is poised to touch for the win! Peregrine website