Case Study: Meraki Networks, Meraki Solar & Meraki Outdoor

How will the next billion people access the Internet?

Would it surprise you to learn that over a quarter of Americans lack access to the Internet, and only 20% of the world’s population is wired? Meraki Networks has developed a strategy to build a grass-roots community network from the inside out.

Meraki Networks wanted a physical product to match their best-in-class technology. Their first ground-up product: an outdoor router that would be affordable and deployable all over the world, in all weather conditions. Working closely with Meraki internal technology experts, Sparkfactor designers and engineers fleshed out the new product’s attributes and performance criteria.

Sparkfactor Design worked side-by-side with Meraki from product concept through tooling release as an extension of the Meraki internal development group. We provided the product design, Mechanical Engineering, & Industrial Design (ID) for the product. As a team we tackled product configuration & weatherproofing strategies, performed mechanical analysis, and optimized the design for manufacture. The results are Meraki Outdoor and Meraki Solar, basic building blocks for community networking all over the world.

Mr. Farag, Shane Washburn, Imraan Aziz

FEA work for the IP-64 seal design on injection molded part