Case Study: Apple iMac

The iMac was a new form factor computer system. For the 2007 release, a new shape and many new materials required a lot of engineering work. Sparkfactor helped out as part of the Product Design and Engineering team.

Sparkfactor's Role:
* Developed 24" iMac main logic board mechanical control outline (2D and IDF formats)
* Developed custom super low profile heatsink mounting strategy, saving Apple several weeks of board layout by re-using 20" iMac layout
* Worked with cross functional teams to meet Industrial Design and Marketing requirements for the infrared receiver system
* Worked with cross functional teams and vendors on the development of custom SODIMM memory connector
* Worked with cross functional teams to solve post-build bugs
* Assisted the Engineering management team with keeping the BOM up to date with design modifications
* General CAD product design development and detailing
* Migrated legacy CAD part files and drawings to Apple standard CAD system

Anthony Del Balso, Larry Barham, Reid Black

Apple website