USB power from your cordless tool batteries.

PoweriSite pulls energy out of your cordless tool batteries and puts it in your phone where you need it.

What is it?
PoweriSite is a high performance Dual USB charger that uses your high capacity Dewalt battery to charge any USB device. Simply attach the PoweriSite charger to any compatible power tool battery and charge or power your USB device.

How does it work?
PoweriSite uses the available voltage in your power tool battery to make 5vdc USB power. A high capacity power tool battery has 8 times the capacity of your iPhone 4 battery. This charger has full 3.1amps of power . Lots of energy to charge that power hungry iPad too.

PoweriSite will keep your USB devices going far away from home. Take it when camping to charge your Phone, or Flashlight. Your stuff will also charge fast with plenty of power (3.1amps total). That's enough for an iPhone and iPad at the same time.