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Makers4Good is hiring a Marketing / Operations Intern
November 2016

Makers4Good (a project of, our nonprofit division) seeks applicants for a part-time holiday season internship to assist with content creation for marketing purposes, as well as with shipping operations. Interested applicants can learn more on their Web site. Sponsors Makerspace at Hacker Dojo
August 2016, our nonprofit wing, is pleased to sponsor Hacker Dojo and their Makerspace.

The grant was awarded for the purchase of Thunder Laser Mars laser cutter for use by Hacker Dojo members. For more information, visit Sponsors Maker Media Lab at the Riekes Center for Human Enhancement
July 2016 is proud to sponsor the Riekes Center's new Media Maker Lab.

The Riekes Center provides immersion opportunities that focus on fun, adventure, and life-long learning. Their new Media Maker Lab offers members new opportunities to produce video and other rich media content. is pleased to assist the Riekes Center in achieving their laudable mission.

Cor: Health Tracker now on Indiegogo
March 2016

Sparkfactor Design has worked with Cor to design their innovative Cor Health Tracker, a product which makes home blood monitoring a reality. The device allows users to track a number of health factors (cholesterol count, blood glucose, etc.) which previously required medical visits.

The product raise over $30,000 in pledges within the first 24 hours.

Sparkfactor Design is proud to have assisted in the development of this game-changing product. offsets its entire carbon footprint for 2015 & 2016
February 2016 announces a partnership with CarbonFund whereby all its carbon emissions for 2015 and 2016 have been offset 100%. is leading the fight against global warming, making it easy for any individual, business or organization to reduce and offset their climate impact and hasten the transition to a clean-energy future.

Google: Project Loon
January 2015

Sparkfactor Design is helping Google get Loon up in the air and then back down to the ground. We are excited to assist with some of the mechanical elements of the design of this airborne, balloon-based wireless connectivity for the world.

Cellscope announces Oto HOME, which turns your cell phone into an otoscope.
December, 2014

Sparkfactor Design worked with Cellscope to design an iPhone case that allows the iPhone to be used as a otoscope. This device allows the diagnoses of ear infections to be done remotely. This updated version, nicknamed Oto, attaches onto an iPhone, generating an image of the ear. It’s not just for doctors: parents, school nurses, and caretakers can use it for a quick read of conditions within a child’s ear. See the news articles below for more information.

Forbes | Fast Company | New York Times (blog)

ES Devices: Luxi For All
November, 2014

Sparkfactor was pleased to work with Extrasensory Devices on the design of the Luxi For All, a smartphone attachment that turns your iOS or Android device into an incident light meter. Check out more info on ES Devices’ site.

Cult of Mac interviews Mr. Farag
March, 2014

Mr. Farag’s interview covers how the Apple Pro Mouse (the no-button mouse with optical tracking) came to be as a replacement for the “hockey puck” mouse--plus Steve Jobs calling Mr. Farag and the entire team working on a later multi button mouse “morons.” Finally some nifty capacitive sensors hidden inside the mouse shell won Steve over to a multibutton mouse.

Sparkfactor Design's very own Shane Washburn to be on Discovery Channel!
January 9th, 2014

Shane worked on a show called DANGEROUS TOYS with Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of MYTHBUSTERS. The show is a one hour special about a battle between the two MYTHBUSTERS stars in a child's game of war. Find out more about it here. DANGEROUS TOYS airs this Saturday, January 11th, at 9PM ET/PT on the Discovery Channel. Make sure you tune in and watch for Shane.

Sparkfactor Products: PoweriSite
November 19th, 2013

Sparkfactor Design is excited to announce that Sparkfactor Products has developed a high performance Dual USB charger that uses your high capacity Dewalt battery to charge any USB device. The new PoweriSite is perfect for people that work on a construction job site. You can also take it when camping so you can charge your phone, flashlight , and other USB devices. Sparkfactor Products is raising funds for PoweriSite through the popular crowd-funding website Kickstarter beginning November 19th. You can learn more about PoweriSite on the spark products page.

The Perigrine Glove stars in Pacific Rim as the control glove for the hero robots.
July 12, 2013

The Peregrine Glove recently starred in the movie Pacific Rim as the glove that controlled the hero robots computers. Sparkfactor is proud to say that they helped design this glove that is now a science fiction star! Learn more about the Peregrine at Iron Will Innovations website.

ESDevices: Luxi
February 21st, 2013

Sparkfactor Design is excited to announce that ESDevices has launched a unique attachment for the Apple iPhone, Dubbed "Luxi". Sparkfactor Design did the engineering & manufacturing for Luxi. It is the only incident light meter attachment for the iPhone on the market. ESDevices is raising funds for Luxi through the popular crowd-funding website Kickstarter beginning February 21. You can learn more about Luxi at the ESDevices Web site.

ES Devices: Rockit Audio Splitter
December, 2012

After the successful launch of the Wiretap splitter, Sparkfactor worked with ES Devices to develop another audio splitter, the Rockit, to solve yet another set of tricky problems for audio enthusiasts. For more information, see ES Devices’ site.

Sparkfactor Design
October 31st, 2012

CNN is running a piece "21 reasons why Jonathan Ive should run Apple". I love Jony. He has the charisma and talent to keep together the best ID team on the planet. I don't know who should run Apple but I'm pleased to see that reason #1 that Jony should run it is the iSub! A product Mr. Farag is proud to have worked on 13 years ago that is still selling, a rare feat for consumer electronics products.

October 26th, 2012

ESDevices is headed to PASIC, the international drum and percussion expo to show off the newest version of the Backbeater system which allows drummers to monitor their tempo real-time on an iOS device. Sparkfactor Design designed the hardware and managed the manufacturing of the Backbeater. Stop by booth 40 on November 1-3 for a demo, or learn more at the backbeater website.

August 14th, 2012

Looks like even patents need tune ups on occasion. This US patent # 8,243,018 was issued on August 14th, 2012 by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Inventors were Mr. Farag and Brian Huppi. It issued as a continuation of a patent from 2007 which was a continuation of a patent filed in 2002. That is how we roll with the patents begetting patents. You can view the patent here.

Sparkfactor engineer will serve as 2012 Science & Technology Policy Fellow
July 2012

We are pleased to announce that one of our engineers, Larry Basket, has been selected as a 2012 Science & Technology Policy fellow at California Council on Science and Technology. He will start in the fall for a 1 year fellowship, through which he will be helping inform political policy makers about the science behind the bills and decisions before them.

October 22nd, 2011

Sparkfactor Design is excited to announce that ESDevices has launced a Kickstarter to promote their new Wiretap microphone/headphone splitter. The Wiretap fills a void in the growing market of ways to use your smartphone for more than just making calls. Sparkfactor did the design & managed the manufacturing of the WIRETAP. You can learn more about the Wiretap at the ESDevices website.

Switch Bulb Company
September 2011

In April 2011, the company formerly known as Superbulbs announced its new name, starting the coming-out party that continued at Lightfair - earning them a Wired Magazine cover - and will culminate in the coming months when Switch comes to market with its 60-watt equivalent bulb, followed by a 75-watt offering and a 100-watt model in early 2012. Sparkfactor was very excited to help with the engineering design of these bulbs that will change the world. You can learn more at the Switch website. features Sparkfactor Engineer
August 22, 2012 interviews Backbeater founder, Kiwi, Sparkfactor Design project manager, and sandwich-eater James Flynn at DUMBO Summer Friday. To find out how this one-of-a-kind app came to be check out the link. Backbeater uses a special hardware sensor that connects to the snare drum in a standard drumkit, and then displays the tempo in BPM to the drummer so they can practice and perform in a whole new way.

Mission Motors
August 17th, 2011

As an early investor in Mission Motors, Sparkfactor helped with the engineering design of the Mission One electric motorcycle, and is pleased they have secured Series B financing. This new round of funding, led by Warburg Pincus, will help grow Mission's powertrain technology business with the goal of supplying high volume OEM customers for production vehicles. You can check out the press release here.

Open Music Labs
July 23rd, 2011

Open music labs designs analog and digital audio equipment for hands-on audio creation, manipulation, and interaction. They have a new product; The Audio sniffer that lets you hear what your circuits are doing. Open music labs is a subsidiary of Sparkfactor Design Inc.

Iron Will Innovations
June 30th, 2011

The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) has selected the Peregrine imput glove as a finalist in their 30 year old design competetion, the IDEA awards. Known as 'the Oscars of design', this competetion serves to highlight the best in design from around the world. Learn more at Iron Will Innovations website

Sparkfactor Design is pleased to support Peninsula Bridge as the lead sponsor of their fundraising fall Breakfast event.
September, 2010

Peninsula Bridge is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that transforms the lives of highly motivated, low-income students by preparing, educating, and supporting them for success in college preparatory high school programs and four-year colleges. Peninsula Bridge offers underserved, highly-motivated middle school, high school and college students a comprehensive 12-year program with year-round academic and social-emotional support.

See their Fall 2010 Newsletter for more information about this event.

Open Music Labs
Aug 24th, 2010

Open music labs introduces the MICrODEC, a reprogramable audio processor for musicians and tinkerers. With high quality components and an open ended design, it can be whatever you need from a guitar effects box to a sinewave generator or even a synthasizer. Check out their website for tons of great info, forums, and how-to's. Open music labs is a subsidiary of Sparkfactor Design Inc.

Iron Will Innovations
August 4th, 2010

Moving into a new phase of growth, Iron Will Innovations has announced a new round of funding to help expand marketing and distribution of their existing Peregrine product, as well as prepare for their next generation of technology.
Click here to read the full press release.

Light Blue Optics: Light Touch
July, 2010:

Light Blue Optics was selected by CNBC Business Magazine as one of Europe's 25 most creative companies. The magazine looked at companies poised to influence Europe's economic recovery with disruptive ideas and breakthrough technologies. more...

Mission Motors: MIission One
March 19th, 2010:

Mission Motors caught the attention of California governer Arnold Schwarzenegger at this years annual Green California Summit in Sacramento. The team had one of their eye-catching Mission One Premier bikes on display, and more...

Light Blue Optics: Light Touch
January 5th, 2010:

Light Blue Optics (LBO) launched its first product “Light Touch" an interactive projector that turns any flat surface into a touch screen. Light Touch not only frees multimedia content from the confines of the small screen, more...

EnergyHub: Dashboard
November 12th, 2009:

EnergyHub's Dashboard has been chosen by Time Magazine as a Best Invention for 2009. The touchscreen Dashboard, which combines temperature control and comprehensive home energy management in one easy-to-use device, was praised by Time for its ability to "rein in the real power hogs" in a user's home. more...

Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal: Business Profile
October 2nd, 2009:

The Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal interviewed CEO Mr. Farag for a business profile on Sparkfactor Design. more...

Amber Alert My Child ID
Sept 10th, 2009: introduces the My Child ID, a comprehensive digital child identification device that securely organizes and stores information, allowing parents and guardians to update and manage profiles for their entire family. Sparkfactor Design managed the Product Design, Engineering, & Manufacturing of the product for Amber Alert. more...

Inc 5000 top growing private companies
Aug 13th, 2009:
Today Inc. Magazine unveiled it rankings of the nations top 5000 fastest growing private companies on Inc. Magazine ranked Sparkfactor Design NO. 1572 on this annual list. We are proud to have been included on this list in all 3 years Inc. Magazine has created it.

Peregrine glove
June 2nd, 2009: Iron Will
Iron Will Technologies launches the Perigrine at E3. Bringing your game to the next level. Designed specifically for ultra gamers it allows you to get off the keyboard. Check here for more info about how we helped them with the product design & check out the product and company at

Solidworks Flow Simulation
April, 2009
Sparkfactor has expanded it suite of product design analysis tools to include Solidworks Flow Simulation. more...

Sparkfactor Design sponsors a Small Business workshop at Stanford University
March 20th, 2009, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m at Stanford University.
Sparkfactor Design hosts Silver Lining Ltd. presentation "Committed to Growing Small Business Tour". more...

Mission Motors shows electric bike at TED
Feb 4th, 2009: Mission Motors
Forrest North asked Sparkfactor Design to partner with him on a new ground up electric motorcycle. Mission Motors (formerly Hum Cycles) unveiled it at the '09 TED talk in Long Beach on Feb 4th. With a range of 150 miles & top speed of 150 MPH it is one sweet ride. Check here for more.

Silicon Valley Business Journal fastest growing private companies
July 22nd, 2008:
Silicon Valley Business Journal announced its list of top 50 fastest growing private companies for the San Jose area & we were #21

Inc 500 top growing private companies
Sept 10th, 2008:
Inc 500 magazine announced its list of top growing private companies in the US. We were on the list at #1164 nationally & #11 for all Engineering Firms.

Silicon Valley Business Journal largest woman owned companies
June 18th, 2008:
Silicon Valley Business Journal announced it list of largest 50 woman owned companies for the San Jose area & we were #21.

Inc 500 top growing private companies
Sept 10th, 2007:
Inc 500 magazine announced its list of top growing private companies in the US. We were on the list at #2155 nationally & #94 for all Consulting Firms

Dash Navigation Best of CES
January 2007:
Our client Dash Navigation was awarded the "Best of" award from CNET and LAPTOP for the Dash Express product. Sparkfactor Design created the form (ID) and the guts (ME) for this product.

2006 PTC World Event
2006 PTC world users conference in Orlando, Florida Sparkfactor's Engineering Manager Anthony Del Balso presented on Top Down design: How to develop organic shaped surfaces in ProEngineer that can be controlled by parameters.

2005 PTC world users conference in Orlando, Florida Sparkfactor's Engineering Manager Anthony Del Balso presented on Advanced surfacing: Techniques for creating properly drafted surfaces for molded parts in ProEngineer.