Kelvin Leung · President

Kelvin has two decades of experience in product design and development. He enjoys helping clients reach their product design goals and possesses a keen understanding of a client’s needs and requirements. Kelvin often uses inspired ideas, sometimes derived from disparate disciplines, to overcome design challenges and help clients develop unique products.

Prior to joining Sparkfactor Design, Kelvin was serving clients by assisting them on a variety of product engineering services as Senior Engineering Consultant at S&V Associates. That role allowed Kelvin to become involved with early stage startups where he also became a founding member of a startup that has created a “quantified self” device. Prior to that, Kelvin led high profile projects and managed teams in various lead engineering roles ranging from medical devices to high-performance computers.

A native of San Francisco, Kelvin is a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. More recently, he had an idea which he developed with an internal product team which led to a very successful Kickstarter project called Luxi.

Eksigent cHiPLC System

Sorin BCD System

SGI Origin 300 Server

Ciphergen PCS4000 Instrument